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Advantages of CNC cutting machine

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With the reform and innovation of the cutting machine, the traditional cutting machine has been eliminated, and the CNC cutting machine is widely used in life. The cutting machine is loved by everyone because of its many advantages. So what are the advantages of Shandong cutting machine, let me introduce to you.
Advantages of cutting machine:
1. Improve the utilization rate of the plate. The cutting machine uses a milling cutter to open the material, which can turn the direction at will and cut the opposite sex.
2. It saves labor, one person can operate several cutting machines, which reduces labor intensity. The use of CNC cutting machine is more economical.
3. The cutting speed of the cutting machine is fast, and the cutting machine is continuous when it is working, and it can also work continuously for eight hours, which greatly improves the work efficiency and reduces the labor intensity.
4. The CNC opener has a good dust collection effect, and the opener is controlled by a solenoid valve. The complete set of dust removal has realized the dust-free of the factory, greatly improved the environmental quality of the factory, enhanced the dust suction effect of the opener, and sucked cleanly, and its suction power can reach more than 95%.
5. This machine is a fool-type operation, all calculations are computer calculations, with zero errors and zero failure rate. The operation is simple.
6. The machine can pause at any time, increase or decrease the speed, adjust the depth, and preview the plane and three-dimensional diagram of the cutting path. The stepless speed regulation is convenient for cutting different raw materials and is suitable for different occupations.


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