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Daily maintenance method of CNC cutting machine

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As time goes by, the high-end panel furniture market will gradually screen out a group of panel furniture production line manufacturers with appropriate economic strength, and select panel furniture production lines for processing, making it easier to customize furniture. If you want to improve the CNC cutting machine To ensure the longevity of the product, daily maintenance work must be done well.
Maintenance method of CNC cutting machine:
1. Whether there are foreign objects in each guide rail, rack, pinion and starting point travel switch; Obstacles will cause gears and coupling parts to wear too quickly, resulting in a decrease in machine accuracy.
2. Whether the drive belts of the main saw motor and the auxiliary saw motor are in a normal state; the main purpose is to check whether the belts are loose. A loose belt will "slip" and cause the machine to "out of step".
3. What is the condition of the saw blade forward and backward, and whether it is normal; as long as the reason is similar to the first one.
4. Whether the dust on the main distribution box and internal cooling fan is cleaned; the reason is very simple, it is similar to the reason for cleaning the computer, why do you want to clean the computer, and also clean the machine. (They like clean brushes) There are always small brushes at home.
5. Whether the dust in the dust cover under the chainsaw is cleaned; this is very similar to cleaning the beard after shaving (supporting the cheeks)
6. Whether the oil in the gas source triple (oil-water separator) oil cup is enough and whether the guide rail to be lubricated is short of oil; the main function of the oil-water separator is to remove water and impurities in the oil, thereby reducing the failure of the fuel injector, thereby Extend the service life of the engine. When adding lubricating oil to small parts such as rails, you can choose needles or small injectors.
7. Whether each emergency stop switch is normal; when the machine is abnormal, it can be forced to stop to prevent secondary damage.
8. Check whether there is dust and foreign matter in the radiator of each motor;
9. Check whether the pressure of each barometer is normal. According to the different values ​​of the pressure gauge, it can be judged whether the machine is malfunctioning or malfunction can be prevented.


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