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Ligna Hannover

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Our company attended the Ligna Hannover on 11-15 May, 2015 Exhibits: Forestry machinery and equipment, accessories and tools; woodworking machinery; woodworking tools; standard wood processing machinery parts and materials, sheet metal forming equipment and accessories; furniture production equipment, wood surface processing equipment etc.. Introduction: Hannover International Woodworking and forestry Exposition (Ligna Hannover) was founded in 1975, held once every two years, this is one of the world's top wood industry and wood processing industry event. 1548 exhibitors from 46 countries in 2013 , exhibition area reached 123000 square, attracted 90000 people from more than 90 countries and regions, including professional audience ratio reached 94%,more than 36% of the visitors from other countries and regions outside of Germany, which shows the professional status of Ligna Hannover in largest international global Internet platform. LIGNA has become the most influential exhibition of international woodworking machinery manufacturing industry, no matter in exhibition scale, or exhibitors and visitors, or from the authoritative, professional aspects, which is incomparable with the other world expositions. LIGNA provides an excellent platform in which forestry and wood processing industry can display themselves to the world.


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