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Correctly choose the method of CNC cutting machine

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In recent years, with the popularization of the furniture market, there are currently hundreds of CNC cutting machine manufacturers on the market, with a wide range of models and uneven product quality. For CNC cutting machine, how do we choose economical and suitable? What about your own machine?
Correctly choose the method of CNC cutting machine
1. Professional manufacturer: CNC cutting machine has the characteristics of high precision and stable speed. Ordinary cutting machines cannot meet the requirements of manufacturers. Therefore, when choosing a cutting machine, you must choose a manufacturer with guaranteed technology and assembly process.
2. Appropriate model: For manufacturers with strong financial strength, you can choose the automatic loading and unloading CNC cutting machine. For small and medium-sized panel furniture factories with limited financial strength, it is recommended to choose a four-head cutting machine.
3. Assembly process and technology: CNC equipment has high requirements for assembly, and the assembly process is not well controlled. Even the best configuration does not work, and the machining accuracy error is also large.
4. Clarify the purpose of the equipment and select the appropriate model: some customers are contacting the CNC cutting machine for the first time, but do not know the model, some recommend inappropriate models to the customers, the repurchased equipment cannot be used normally, processing requirements Dissatisfaction caused great losses to customers.
5. Whether to guarantee after-sales service: Some problems will inevitably occur when using the machine. Resolving machine failures quickly is an important issue.
Some customers think that they bought cheap CNC cutting machines cheaply. Some machines look similar on the surface. They did not realize that the quality of the product was very different. Poor quality products not only often fail, but also delay production and processing, which affects output. Therefore, you must be optimistic about choosing a CNC cutting machine before you buy it.


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