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The standard that the CNC cutting machine needs to meet

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In panel furniture, the processing technology of CNC cutting machine belongs to high-speed cutting, which requires very high equipment performance. Therefore, what standards must a good CNC cutting machine meet? Let's take a look together.
The standard that the CNC cutting machine needs to meet
1. The configuration should be higher. The CNC cutting machine has a large workload and requires high stability of the quality of accessories. A good cutting machine must meet the basic requirements of high configuration.
2. Strong adsorption capacity. Especially in the production process of cabinets and closet cabinets, many small plates and strips are processed. If the equipment does not absorb well, it is easy to cause problems with the board. Of course, if the adsorption is not good, the speed of the machine cannot be increased.
3. Good dust collection effect. Although the dust suction effect does not affect the processing effect, in the case of high environmental protection requirements, the dust suction effect of the CNC cutting machine itself must meet the standard. Moreover, if the equipment has a poor dust suction effect, it is easy to cause the aging of the equipment accessories, affect the service life of the equipment, and increase the equipment cleaning workload of workers.
4. High precision. The panel furniture industry requires that the processing accuracy of the cabinet body must be within 20 silk. If this accuracy cannot be achieved, joint problems will occur in the assembled cabinet. If the accuracy of some equipment is poor, cabinet drawers will not even be installed.
5. Fast speed. General processing speed is one of the important indicators of equipment performance. In the case of fierce competition in the panel furniture industry and low profit margins, the production efficiency of CNC cutting machine equipment will directly affect the production efficiency of enterprises.


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