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Processing principle of metal laser welding machine

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The role of the shielding gas of various metal laser welding machines is to surround the welding pool to prevent its oxidation, and appropriately accelerate the cooling of the weld, and reduce the width of the heat affected zone of the weld. Differences in the physical properties of the shielding gas, thermal conductivity, and solubility in water have different effects on the welding quality. At high temperatures, the dense gas surrounding the weldment will still be better to prevent oxidation of the weldment.
The gas density of various metal laser welding machines has a greater impact on welding than its ionization effect. In order to reduce or eliminate the influence of process parameters such as laser power, defocus, welding speed, pulse frequency, shielding gas type and flow rate on steel and aluminum laser welding defects, laser marking has the advantages of anti-wear and non-wear. Laser processing shines a laser beam on the surface of the processed object to remove or melt the material and change the surface of the object, so as to achieve the purpose of processing. It is a non-contact processing, without mechanical force, the processed material will not be deformed, and the damage is small.
This has become a clear advantage that distinguishes laser technology from other processing methods. For example, in the field of crystal marking, according to the traditional paint marking method, due to the poor adhesion between stainless steel and paint, the processed crystal cannot be cleaned, which brings a lot of inconvenience. Nowadays, laser marking is a commonly used method in the field of laser welding machine industry. The marks formed are clear, durable and indelible.


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