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What problem should be paid attention to when choosing CNC o

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  Along with the development of board type furniture decoration industry, many furniture factory has begun by machine instead of manual operation, but because do not know the CNC cutting machine industry, so there will be customers often appear after buying machine problems, affect the later use, delay the production schedule. Today, if the engraving machine is introduced to you to buy a few mistakes and several points of attention.
        1. CNC cutting machine spindle power: spindle power size affects the processing effect, if processing product needs to be cut open function, suggest to choose high power spindle, cutting speed, the effect is good.
        2. Type of CNC machine: the most basic is stepping motor. Some customers want to have a better motor, but don't want to invest too much, so they can choose domestic servo motor. If the machine is fully functional, all configurations are high. It is recommended to use a better imported servo motor.
        3. CNC cutting machine adsorption mesa: many customers are buying CNC cutting machine will be mentioned, the processing of the entire board with adsorption mesa is very good, but sometimes processing small material adsorption pump demanding, so want to absorb mesa of dual-use, the mesa can do, you may feel that combination is very good, this kind of cognition is wrong! Its adsorption effect does not have all adsorption mesa good! The adsorption mesa is partitioned, and the non-monolithic board can open a single adsorption area to achieve the purpose of saving electricity.
        4. The adsorption pump of the CNC opener: when referring to the adsorption table, the selection of the adsorption pump has to be discussed. The adsorption pump is divided into two kinds: air cooling and water cooling. The air cooling adsorption pump noise is larger than the water cooling adsorption pump, but the northern friends who use the water-cooled adsorption pump should pay attention to the anti-freezing problem in autumn and winter. So you can choose the appropriate adsorption pump according to your local climate situation.
        5. CNC open machine body fuselage: why is it also the equipment of the woodworking industry, the CNC open machine and the fuselage frame of the ordinary woodworking machine are different? It says that the servo motor runs faster than the ordinary motor, so keep the fuselage stable. Poor stability will affect the accuracy of machining. If the bed frame is not thick enough, with good motor and other configuration, the products manufactured are also defective and unqualified products.
        6. Control system of CNC opener: many friends will feel that some configuration or function is added to the price difference so much... The numerical control equipment can be run with just one spare part. Each configuration function requires the control of the system, so the system version will be different.
        These are the few problems that need to be paid attention to when purchasing CNC opener. Just pay attention to the above points and you can buy your own CNC opener.


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